Matrimonial Real Property Training Program

Online Training

The FNCPA Matrimonial Real Property online training course has been designed specifically for First Nations police services as an introduction to Matrimonial Real Property (MRP) issues, legislation, and policing on First Nations territories. The course provides police officers working on First Nations with the information required to respond to MRP policing issues through an introductory 1-hour course designed to reflect the FNCPA and First Nations cultures and realities.

Hosted by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) on behalf of the FNCPA, Matrimonial Real Property Training for First Nations Police Services, is available in both French and English and is free to FNCPA member services. Others wishing to take the training may register through CPKN.

Course Description:

  • 4 Sequential, Senario-based Modules
  • Final Assessment with certificate upon successful completion
  • 1-2 hour completion time
  • Each Module includes:
    • Narration
    • Links to Resources
    • Scenarios
    • Knowledge Checks
    • Audio Visual Elements (e.g., intro music, photos, graphics, video clips)

MRP Training-for-Trainers

The FNCPA is developing an MRP training-for-trainers workshop to assist training officers in member services to provide ongoing workshops and updates to First Nations police services officers. Given that First Nations may opt to develop their own MRP laws or may fall under the Federal Provisional Rules, local training is required to ensure that officers are aware of MRP laws in the communities in which they work.

The training-for-trainers workshops will be available in French and English in 2019/2020. Member services will be sent registration information. Please contact Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, FNCPA’s MRP and Communications Manager for more information.

The MRP program includes news and updates, FNCPA website updates, and tools for use in the field.

The MRP Program enhances the capacity for the MRP and Communications Manager to participate in MRP meetings and events.

Matrimonial Real Property Training - CPKN

To register for the course, click here.

For more information, contact:

Valerie Spence,
Matrimonial Real Property Coordinator
First Nations Chiefs of Police Association
Tel: 204-856-5374
Fax: 204-856-5389
Email: [email protected]