Reports To:

To patrol the territory of Kahnawake while providing law enforcement services, aimed at ensuring the peace, order and security of Kahnawake through the application of Mohawk Law and adopted legislations.

Cultural Identity Attributes:
This individual possesses key competencies in problem solving, teamwork & interpersonal skills. Is reliable, expresses self-control & communicates well. Expresses empathy & compassion while remaining ethical and responsible. Desire to assist clients and develop self.

Roles & Responsibilities:
To Maintain Safety of Self and Others

  • Adhere to Relevant Health and Safety Procedures and Legislation;
  • Report Location at all Times;
  • Factor in Safety of Others when Deciding Course of Action;
  • Comply With Use of Force Continuum and maintain physical control;
  • Follow arrest procedures;
  • Document actions & decisions.

To Conduct General Patrol and Respond to Calls for Service

  • Prepare for & Conduct Patrols
    • Attend roll call;
    • Verify that all equipment is accounted for & in working order;
    • Recognize unusual activities while patrolling & determine the types of offences;
    • Determine appropriate courses of action;
    • Ensure continuous communication with dispatch.
  • Gather Information
    • On offences;
    • Confirm information;
    • Prepare & submit reports;
    • Prepare action plans to prevent potential crimes.
  • Analyze Calls for Service
    • Perform initial assessment
    • Collect information
    • Perform continual risk assessment
  • Apply Appropriate Procedure to Respond to Calls for Service
    • Communicate with dispatch & supervisors;
    • Take control of situations;
    • Perform first response activities;
    • Determine appropriate course of action;
    • Coordinate response activities & if required, hand over control of the situation;
    • Complete officer notes.

To Assist Victims of Crime and Conduct Investigations

  • Deal With Victims Appropriately
    • Tailor communications;
    • Identify indicators of abuse;
    • Explain roles of Peacekeepers and other professionals.
  • Provide Assistance to Victims
    • Protect victim & provide reassurance;
    • Provide equitable treatment;
    • Explain next steps;
    • Inform victims of options and appropriate support resources.
  • Apply Investigative Procedures
    • Control crime scenes & ensure scene preservation
    • Collect evidence, document findings and prepare report
    • Prepare for, conduct, monitor & evaluate interviews
    • Discuss case files with Corporal & superiors, respond to directives, and prepare files.

To Prepare Policing Reports

  • Identify Pertinent Information
    • Determine & document relevant information;
  • Prepare & Submit Reports to Appropriate Authorities
    • Follow report writing procedures;
    • Proofread reports to ensure quality and accuracy;
    • Ensure report is entered into report management system;
    • Responds to routine requests for information on case files;
    • Keeps informed of the status of each case file.

To Use Police Equipment and Technology

  • Operate computer equipment and software;
  • Operate specialized policing equipment;
  • Operate communications equipment;
  • Operate general policing equipment;
  • Operate various types of police transportation.

To Apply Detainee Management

  • Apply Individual Rights of In Custody Persons
    • Requests assistance, if needed;
    • Places persons under arrest and read rights;
    • Complete relevant documentation such as: search, seizures, personal property;
    • Assign detainees to cells;
    • Maintain order and discipline;
    • Report incidents and potential hazards.
  • Transport Detainees
  • Manage Challenging Behaviors

To Deliver Court Testimony

  • Prepare for Court Appearances
    • Review files & relevant documentation with witnesses;
    • Prepare exhibits;
    • Liaise with prosecuting authorities, if necessary.
  • Follow Courtroom Procedure and Etiquette
  • Deliver Testimony

To Apply Relevant Legislation, Policies and Procedures

  • Maintain knowledge of legislation, policies and procedures;
  • Maintain knowledge of common types of offences and associated fines;
  • Comply with the requirements of federal, provincial and territorial legislations;
  • Apply community by-laws when performing duties;
  • Apply department policies and directives;
  • Apply principles of bias-free policing.

To Prevent Crime Through Community Policing

  • Establish Partnerships with Community Stakeholders
    • Identification of community characteristics & maintain awareness of community issues;
    • Address issues and complaints;
    • Document issues;
    • Work with stakeholders to identify community issues, prioritize issues, determine course of action and formulate strategies to prevent offences;
    • Review relevant data, reports and statistics.
  • Promote Public Awareness
    • Educate and engage the community;
    • Provide the community with information on Peacekeeper activities;
    • Work with media to access hard to engage groups;
    • Implement & deliver community crime prevention programs.

The statements herein reflect general details to describe the principle functions for this job, and should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties or be assigned projects associated with these responsibilities as directed by their immediate supervisor.

Decision Making Authority:

  • To determine the most appropriate course of action to utilize when dealing with suspected criminal activity based on learned skills and department directives.
  • To determine the need to use weapons, equipment and use of force.
  • To determine when to utilize Community Policing.


  • To ensure the peace, order, safety and security of Kahnawake.
  • To ensure safety and security when handling person(s) and to ensure accepted procedures are properly utilized.
  • To ensure patrolling services are carried out effectively.
  • To ensure a presence in the community of Kahnawake is exhibited.
  • To ensure required equipment is available at the beginning of each shift.
  • To ensure all policies, procedure and directives of the KMPK are followed.
  • To maintain confidentiality.
  • To adhere to the MCK Administration Manual-Personnel Policy and Kanien’kéha Language initiatives.

Education & Experience:

 Certified Police Officer;


 DEC in Law Enforcement, plus graduation from a recognized Police Academy;


 High School Diploma, plus two (2) years of experience

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Attributes:

  • Formal knowledge & training in the application of law enforcement functions, including Mohawk Law;
  • Sound knowledge of the Kahnawake territorial boundaries & geographical particularities;
  • Knowledge of mentalities and behavior patterns of both permanent residents and surrounding communities;
  • Must meet all eligibility criteria subject to Section 13 of the Kahnawake Peacekeeper Law;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of department directives and their application;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills’;
  • Attention to detail and accuracy;
  • Ability to take initiative;
  • Ability to use basic office equipment;
  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Office, internal email server, and the Internet;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of local government in relation to regulatory and legislative requirements;
  • Ability to communicate in the Kanien’kéha and French languages is an asset;
  • The willingness to learn the Kanien’kéha language is required.

Working Environment:

  • Shift Work: 12 hour rotating shifts
  • Moderate stress and productivity pressure associated with the position
  • Overtime may be required


Self – Management TBD

Client & Team Relations TBD

Quality Decision Making TBD

Professional Capacity TBD

Communication TBD

Adaptability TBD

Planning and Organizational Knowledge TBD

Leadership TBD

Language & Culture TBD

Commitment Statement:

I serve my community with its best interest in mind by supporting and encouraging creative, critical and resourceful thinking, accepting and nurturing new ideas and approaches and demonstrating my dedication and integrity through my efforts, actions, and words. I am part of a team that is empowered to take initiative in an interactive working environment.

Trina Skye
Training and Human Resources Coordinator, KMPK
PO Box 203
Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, J0L 1B0
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 450.632.6505