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2023 Annual Conference & Awards

The Executive is pleased announce the Annual Officer Awards on May 16, 2023. Members will have the opportunity to nominate Officers and staff for the Awards. The proud recipients be provided a confirmation letter to be recognized at the Annual Conference Banquet and will receive an award from FNCPA Executive.

Nominations for the following:

Years of Service (20 Years of Service or more)
This award is for Officers that have twenty (20) years of combined service or more, in policing as an officer.

Bravery or Lifesaving Awards
Bravery Award
This award is for Officers that have performed an act of bravery that could best demonstrate the qualities of heroism.

Lifesaving Award
This award is for Officers whereby the officer defies the instinct for self-preservation and risks his/her own life to protect others, and as a result have saved a life or lives, including their own.

Distinguished Services Awards (Investigative, Community Services & Crime Prevention)
This award is open to active police officer (s) or staff member (s) who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to his/her service through work that have benefited to their peers, their service, and the community.

An Officer that has shown dedication with their work in regards to their investigational activities: who has worked diligently and has proven to have strong investigating skills which resulted in successful arrests; who is motived in preparing, drafting, and execution of warrants and arrests; who works in a team environment to complete projects in a safe manner for all members involved; and who shows dedication to their department and proven to be a team player.

Community Services or Crime Prevention
This award is for an individual (s) who have demonstrated self-initiative in the development of Community Crime Prevention Strategies and initiatives for the communities they serve; and who have actively participated and donated their time to a community, and community-based fundraising events.

Nominations Criteria:

Please provide the following for the nominees:

  • Letter of Nomination by the Chief of Police of the Service/Organization – this letter must be endorsed by the Police Chief or Designate.
  • Office or Staff Resume – The Police Service must provide resume.
  • Summary of the Event: synopsis of the incident/occurrence/contributions of the Officer/Individual including the impact to the Officer/Individual.

Presentation at the Annual Conference with Police Chief or Designate:

  1. Once the successful candidate has been identified, they will be provided notification by FNCPA.
  2. The Police Chief or Designate will accompany the successful candidate during the Awards Ceremony, and review the description of the event to the delegates in attendance.
  3. The President/Executive will provide award to the designate.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Police Service to coordinate the travel to their candidate, if successful.

14th Annual Conference & Awards

Meeting date: May 16, & 17, 2023

Awards: May 16, 2023


Hilton Quebec
1100 Rene Levesque East
Quebec City, Quebec

Room Reservations: Rooms have been blocked at a discounted rate and delegates are responsible for making their own individual reservations. Reservations toll free number at 1 800-4472411 and request your group: First Nations Chiefs of Police Association. 


Lunch & Allergies: Breakfast is served at 0800 hrs & Lunch for the Conference will be provided. For any participants attending that have food allergies, please provide an email regarding your allergy to Karen Haines at: [email protected].

Dress Code: Business Casual

Awards Dinner: Dress Uniform & Hat for awards recipients and Police Service Chief of Police or designate providing remarks of Award recipient.

Please submit your completed nominations either by fax/email/mail by April 1, 2023, to:

Executive Committee
First Nation Chiefs of Police Association
PO Box 37
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, R1N 3B2
Fax: (204) 856-5389
Email: [email protected]


May 16, 2023 @ 9:00 am May 17, 2023 @ 4:00 pm